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Tips to maximize conversions through your landing page

These days it becomes a common riddle for SMB’s on why the clicks aren’t converted? Otherwise we can rephrase as why the visitors leave the page immediately or why the bounce rate for my landing page is so high? Although one main reason is that you may not have updated the exact keywords matching your page while setting up the PPC campaign, there are quite many factors that needs to be considered to grab the attention of the visitor. In this post, let’s discuss about few important things which would help to maximize the conversions.

1. Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action emphasizes the ultimate conversion of your landing page and is the foremost thing to optimize your landing page. If the visitor wants to purchase your product or wants to sign up to avail your service, then CTA is one of the most important factors in the landing page. Also ensure that the sign up or CTA button is highly visible in the page though the user scrolls down looking for additional details.

2. Videos

Mostly people love to watch videos than to read a block of text. Engaging the visitor with interesting videos will increase the time spent by the visitor on your page. Keep the visitors stay focused on the video (display the video in the center of the page for high visibility) and make sure the message is fully conveyed. Avoid requesting user sign-ups before they tend to watch the videos, you may lose them immediately.

3. Images

Images play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the visitor. Two types of image such as 1) Practical and 2) Atmospheric will stay as a best fit mainly for the landing pages. Practical images suits when you are displaying a product to the visitor and this will help bring the visitor closer to conversion. Atmospheric images will best suit if you are speaking about your service and want the visitor to sign up. As like videos, keep the images centered to grab the visitor’s attention.

4. Eliminate irrelevant navigation

You invest a lot in order bring visitors to your landing page. After they land in your page, don’t let them shift their focus with various distractions. If you display a considerable list of links, visitor will be tempted and tend to visit various pages and eventually we may end up in losing him and he may expel out of the conversion funnel. Too many options may confuse the visitors. Keep them engaged with the specific message which should be clear and consistent

5. Product features and benefits

It’s always hard to comprehend how to present your product’s features in a way which the visitor understands; the points that you feel relevant may not be the case to the visitor. Potential buyers coming to your page should understand on what you are selling and the features within few seconds after they land on your page. Keep things simple and easy for them to understand on what you are selling. Listing the core features of your product will bring the conversion closer. Try not to use “technical jargon” as this will be appealing only a minority of technical people amongst the visitors. While listing the benefits of your product, ensure those benefits supports the features you have listed.

6. One Click

Make the registration form simple with limited fields. Keep the conversion process as simple as possible for visitor and for yourself. Just make it a one click process for the visitor incorporating a short form with a sign up button. This makes the visitors journey easier and pins down the conversion funnel, increasing the chances of conversion

7. Be Consistent

People who want to buy your product or interested in your service must recognize your brand. For this purpose consistency is very essential staring from ads (text ad or banner ad) landing page design and till the end of conversion process including the thank you page. In order to be consistent, few important factors will include style of language, colors, info graphics, call to action, special offers, logo and content.

8. Don’t prevaricate

Nothing will turn off your visitor quicker other than prevaricating that will lead to misconception. Stay honest throughout the sales process, avoid surprising the user by requesting for a fee only at the time when he completes the sign up process. A 1$ fee when requested at the end may leave a negative impression about your product or the service you offer. Even though you promise a refund for the unsatisfied service or a product, visitors will not be happy if there is no transparency maintained from the beginning till the end. The chances of visitors considering you as one of the spammers are high and it collapses the reputation factor.

9. A/B Testing

A/B testing can be instrumental in finding the performance of the landing page. Design two landing pages and have the same set of ads for both the landing pages. Do the multivariate tests and be patient until full of results in obtained. Check which landing page performs well and increases the conversions or shows the decline in conversions. Use the results of A/B testing to analyze the data further and come up with the best landing page which can save the time, money and efforts.

Finally Don’t forget to track the page after the implementation is done. Tracking process certainly gives the meaningful data which in turn can be used to fine tune the landing page performance.


Paying attention to your product features, benefits, integrity, consistency and being simplified and engaging journey, a/b testing all combined together will make your landing page attract successful conversions.

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