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Google announces New meta tag “news_keywords”

WoW!! Its good news for news publishers and article writers to get the preeminence from the Google robot to display your news in the Google news page. Yes!! In the last week of September_2012, Google announced the new meta tag exclusive for the news and articles. With this news meta tag, publishers need not be… Read More

Target your Google Ads by Gender & Age wise

Google adwords announced the new feature of targeting the ads gender wise and age wise in the second week of September_2012. Some of you may question, how its possible?, but Google made it happen. We know that our products/services is sometimes meant exclusively for specific gender and age group, but was displaying to everybody irrespective… Read More

Keyword Finder- An helpful tool to increase your website traffic

What is Keyword Finder?            Keyword finder is a tool that helps to find the keywords contained in the meta tags of web pages. Need for Keyword Finder While doing the in-depth website analysis for huge websites which comprises thousands and millions of pages, SEO’s would find the keywords used in the meta tags for… Read More

Google Page Rank Checker

What is page rank? Page rank is a link analysis algorithm or a system from Google developed for ranking the web pages by Larry page and Sergey binn at Stanford university. This system was developed by Larry page, hence it is named after her name as  ‘Page rank’ not because it ranks the pages in… Read More

Impact of Google’s Autocomplete Suggestions

I don’t know how many are aware of negative impact created by Google’s auto-complete suggestions for business. When you type a name of a company or a person in Google, if you find good suggestions to complete the query, then really you have a good reputation in the online. But how you feel, when a… Read More

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