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Googles’ Updates on No Follow links and Auto Generated Content

No Follow Links in Press releases and Articles

Recently we are getting updates from Google one after the other with regard to ‘Anchor text links’ and its affects. According to John Muuller, Google’s webmaster trend analyst, updates arrived from Google on August 2013 for linking schemes is, Any Optimized anchor text in articles and press releases should be no followed. When question arose whether ‘no follow’ is only for optimized anchor text or for all the anchor text in the content, John recommended that it is Okay to have only direct URLs that are inside the articles and press releases are followed and safe to have all other links regardless of optimized anchor text or simply anchor text as no followed.

John Mueller emphasized that these actions are taken for the press release or article content that comes with the motive of advertisement. Also he said that when/if you have new offer or service in your company and decided to come up with the write up for your own websites, then it is not needed to be no followed and those links are most valuable in the sight of Google.

No Follow Links in Widgets and Infographics

Matt Cutts, the head of Google search spam, advised further to have no follow links in widgets and infographics. He explained that because many people trying to drive traffic by abusing widgets and infographics as link baiting. Hence, to be on the safer side, please have no follow links on the widgets and infographics which you are allowing in the website.

No Follow Links can still cause damages

Thereafter, when SEO’s and Webmaster had started to derive the new linking strategy having the updates in mind and almost started deployment, by then Matt Cutts, on first week of September 2013, lashed out that you do have penalties for no follow links. Matt Cutts explained that as long as you are not doing it in huge scale, you are safe and nothing to worry about the no follow links. What is that to do in huge scale in terms of no follow links? He further detailed with the instance that suppose if you are commenting on every blog in the world with the intention of people want to notice you and if they are miffed and people report about you as spam, then though those links are no follow, you are entitled to manual penalties from Google.

I have seen some people making ludicrous comments everywhere irrelevant to the content. These people wanted to pickaback traffic from the users to their website or to whatever they are trying to promote. Howbeit these are no follow links, seen outside the link graph and right in the algorithmic point of view, this is completely deceivable and Google deserve to take action against such cases.

Auto-generated pages and its repercussions

Now, let us see about the affects of auto-generated content in the website and how Google penalize them? Matt Cutts explained in a Google Webmaster help video that if you find a auto generated content that has no value or scrapped content or if you find the page with “0 results found for your query” in the Google search results page, please do submit the spam report and hence, Google will take severe action against such websites.

He further explains that in fact Google has particular set of webmaster guidelines with the document named “automatically generated content” and few examples of those are below:

  • Text translated by an automated tool without human review or curation beforepublishing
  • Text generated through automated processes, such as Markov chains
  • Text generated using automated synchronizing or obfuscation techniques
  • Text generated from scraping Atom/RSS feeds or search results
  • Stitching or combining content from different web pages without adding sufficient value

Cutts went on saying, if you land in the page which is irrelevant to your query or it is zero value website, these are auto-generated pages which are brought forth by a script. The script picks up your query and gives birth to a new page just by generating the URL matching with your query but void of content. Google advise to submit the spam report of such website if you come across in the search results page. So that Google can or will impose manual penalty on the respective websites.

Also, Google cautions webmasters to make sure that such webpages aren’t indexed or crawled by search engine robot that displays zero results found.

So to conclude from these updates, from the Google’s perspective, searchers should not end up in bad experiences because of spammers who would try to manipulate with their deceptive tactics. The bottom line is as SEO or Webmaster promote your product or website honestly and in legitimate ways.

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